Specialty Coffee

Our highest level of commitment lies in specialty coffee

Speciality coffee means art and continuous learning

Our approach is based on a straightforward relationship with our clients that lets us work together with them in adapting the coffee to their monodose requirements, without compromising on performance.

Specialty coffee is not just coffee but a movement, where the stakeholders and clients act as agents of change. On the one hand, producers should know how much their coffee is truly worth and be paid according to the work and dedication they put in to get the best beans ever tasted. On the other, clients should know exactly what they are consuming with all information such as the farm where the beans originate, the soil characteristics, the variety and grade of beans, the processing the beans undergo, and the notes they can expect in the coffee.

Direct trade and maximum transparency.
Sorry, it is not a movement, it is a market revolution!


Notes – Fábio Ferreira


Let’s talk, share some ideas, work on coffee solutions. No matter the challenge, join us to drink a good coffee and we will solve it together. Shall we?

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