Closed system

An eco-friendly and high-performance closed system

Sustainability is the most important commitment and value we have


Packaging material: GreenLution
Lid material: GreenLution
Weight: 13% packaging / 87% coffee
Sealing: Modified atmosphere
Resistance: Temperatures 2ºC – 121ºC
Extraction: 22% – 23% of coffee
Sizes: 16 ml (7.5g) and 24 ml (11g)
Shelf life: +50 months
Customised: Film, colour, capsule, blend

Coffee Maker

Patents: Piercing and filter plate
Extraction: + 88ºC
Fill levels: Short and long
Filter: 100% reusable
Sound emission: low
Standby: 0.3 watts
Energy efficiency: A+ (44.46 kWh per year)
Cleaning: cold and warm water
Customised: brand logo and colours (white, black, blue and red)

This is our iconic coffee maker but many other models are available.