Century-old Partners

Throughout the last 30 years, we have experienced many stories, projects, challenges, and achievements with our partners and their teams to whom we cannot be more grateful. The worldwide coffee market was vastly shaped by them. Cheers to you all!

Rychiger, 1918

Swiss company specialised in high-capacity equipment for filling and sealing food and pharmaceutical products. Rychinger is a world pioneer in this activity and its many decades of experience currently position them as the leading supplier of exclusive and customisable solutions. Over time they have been working with the main coffee brands in the world, which allows them to set industry standards and revolutionise the market year after year.

Säntis, 1922

A Swiss company that is specialised in thermoforming started to dedicate itself to the development of capsules with Mocoffee from 1991. Santis has since been our main partner for the optimisation and production of coffee capsules; they share with us the know-how of our system and have been helping us in the difficult task of improving it according to the evolution of the market.

Wipf Group, 1914

A Swiss company specialised in laminated films. Wipf works with large corporations of the agri-food industry in the production and printing of coating film and their high knowledge allows them to dictate the forefront of technological trends. Wipf is our partner for sealing our coffee capsules and packaging. Their quality and adaptability is the result of a vast historical heritage with which it has challenged the highest standards in the sector in order to meet the most demanding criteria in the market.

Most Recent Partners

Algrano, 2015

A Swiss company specialised in green coffee. Algrano bridges the gap between coffee growers and roasters based on completely transparent practices. Having said that, it is the partner that helps us to get the best solution in terms of coffee origins according to the specific case of each client.

Brambati, 1945

An Italian company specialised in coffee processing equipment that embraced the challenge, together with Rychinger, to create our incredible Mocoffee speciality roastery concept.